Best Modular Kitchen Designers in Chennai

Best Modular Kitchen Designers in Chennai

The concept of a modular kitchen is widespread nowadays, with every new house owner planning to install such a setup. A modular kitchen has numerous aspects like countertops, cabinets, pull-outs, fixtures, etc. All these will go above your head if you are a first-timer in this business. Therefore, it is best if you hand over the job to professional modular kitchen designers in chennai.

A professional service provider knows the details well and can give you the perfect design solution for your kitchen. This blog will help you with some of the crucial tips for creating a fantastic modular kitchen. So, get ready to go through the tips and understand what to focus on while revamping your cooking space.

Understand the Basics of Your Kitchen Work Triangle

The ‘kitchen work triangle’ is a common term used by interior designers to indicate the working triangle of this space. It consists of the gas oven, washing sink, and refrigerator. These three components are extremely necessary for the person working in the kitchen. Therefore, you should pay a lot of heed while planning the placement of the gas stove, sink, and fridge.

The location of these components should be designed in a way that you can access them with the greatest ease. Besides, there should be space between these objects for your free movement. An ideal kitchen should have the sink and the fridge placed near the gas stove for the utmost convenience.

Keep Room for Enough Ventilation

Activities in the kitchen generate a huge amount of heat that makes you sweat throughout cooking. Therefore, you should keep enough space for ventilation in your kitchen. A chimney is one of the key components of a modular kitchen chennai. Many interior designers also add an exhaust fan to vent out the hot air faster.

Modern kitchens have large widows covered with glass to ensure a lot of fresh air, and natural light enters the space. You should also emphasize the ventilation factor of your kitchen since the gas cylinder is placed here. Major accidents from minor gas leakages can be prevented by large windows and other openings.

Choose the Perfect Size for the Counter Top

The height of the countertop is very crucial since it decides the comfort factor of the person working in the kitchen. If the average height of people working in your kitchen is on the taller side, you should consider a heightened countertop. However, if your kitchen is used by short-heightened people, a high countertop can be problematic.

Moreover, the cabinets above the counter should not be too high, or else short people will not be able to access them. You should maintain a balance between the countertop and the cabinets above it to ensure everyone has easy access. This is why interior designers find out the average height of people in your house before installing the countertop.

Get the Perfect Kitchen Colour

The Indian cooking style demands a kitchen colour that will not display stains within a short time. Many people love white, but painting the entire kitchen white can cost you a lot if you are a spicy food lover. You should choose colours wisely so that they are easy to maintain and will stay intact on the wall for a long time.

On the other hand, people residing in hot places in the country should avoid darker hues. Dark colours attract heat faster and will make it impossible for you to work in the kitchen for long hours. Therefore, opting for the perfect combination of light and dark colours for your kitchen can help you strike a good balance between good looks and convenience.

Emphasize the Lighting Factor

Your kitchen should be well-lit since you have to work with various tools like knives, scissors, peelers, etc. A well-lit kitchen can help you avoid small and big accidents while performing your regular chores. Natural lighting can be the best for your kitchen during the daytime, and stylish artificial lighting can complement the design style at night.

You should opt for overhead lighting above the countertop so that you can see everything clearly. Under-cabinet lightings have also gained immense popularity lately since they look very stylish and chic. You should choose the lighting fixtures wisely, considering the design style of your modular kitchen in chennai.

Do not overlook the Corners

People often tend to miss out on the corner spaces while installing the cabinets. However, modern kitchen design templates allow you to experiment in various ways with the corners. You can make storage places in the corners and store big objects like the gas cylinder.

Many people also reserve the corners for placing the trash bins since they stay out of sight of a visitor. A professional modular kitchen designer will emphasize the corner spaces and get the best outcome for you. They can change the complete look of your existing kitchen without wasting an inch of space.

 Do not Compromise on your Kitchen’s Safety

The safety of your cooking place is very crucial since you work with various dangerous tools like the gas stove, knives, glass items, etc. Therefore, you should check every corner of the kitchen thoroughly before the final installation is complete. Professional kitchen planners check the gas piping thoroughly and ensure there are no sharp edges in the space.

All the electrical appliances should be placed near the electric board, and the plugs should be earthed. Besides, the electric switchboard should not be closer to the gas stove and the washing sink. Remembering these basic tips will help you avoid big mishaps in the future while using your kitchen.


If you are looking for excellent modular kitchen designs chennai, Saha Interiors is your one-stop solution. They ace the modular kitchen designing game and have been creating wonders for years. This designing firm has highly experienced technicians and modern machinery, and they use high-quality products. Therefore, you should hire Saha Interiors if you want top-class kitchen designs at an affordable price.

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